Giovane Café - full scope demolition and renovation

In Toronto, ON, Decon Group successfully completed a comprehensive project for Giovane Café in the Retail/Hospitality sector, covering 500 sq ft. Our services included full-scope general contracting and project management, spanning from pre-construction to project closeout. The project entailed the demolition and renovation of the lobby café, alongside miscellaneous enhancements to the hotel lobby. Key activities comprised demolition and mould abatement, all-new floor assembly and countertop system work, concrete cutting and coring, mechanical modifications to the bar, complex millwork feature installation, and the procurement and installation of luxurious fixtures. Throughout, we meticulously coordinated site accessibility and logistics with third-party architects, engineers, hotel management, and security, ensuring smooth operations. Despite the challenges, we successfully delivered the project within the 45-day timeline and within the $162,000 budget. This achievement underscores our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Looking ahead, we remain committed to delivering exceptional results in future projects for Giovane Café and within the Retail/Hospitality sector.

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