Walmart Washrooms and McDonalds Closeouts - Across Ontario

Across Ontario, Decon Group undertook a significant project in the Retail sector, involving in-house washroom improvements for 10 Walmart stores. The scope of work included adhering to strict guidelines to maintain the store experience while providing upgrades. This encompassed constructing hard hoarding, installing safety signage, disconnecting and reconnecting water lines, toilets, and sinks, as well as managing fire alarm and sprinkler system bypasses. Additionally, we disposed of old fixtures and accessories, installed new fixtures, demolished wall partitions, prepared floor substrates, and installed wall systems and tile finishes as per specifications provided by Walmart management. Despite the complexities, we completed each store’s renovation within the 90-day timeline and within the budget range of $70,000 to $80,000 per store, ensuring on-time delivery and cost efficiency. Our success in this endeavor has led to earning the trust of the prime contractor, enabling us to provide maintenance services, further solidifying our reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

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