Construction Management 

How it helps?

Decon Construction’s skilled professionals excel in project management, meticulously guiding the planning, design, and construction phases from start to finish. With our clients entrusting us with their vision, we are committed to surpassing their expectations in every project. It is imperative that Decon Construction project managers deliver the following services throughout the construction phase:

  • Efficient project execution
  • Implementation of management reporting systems
  • Continuous on-site supervision
  • DSLR Progress Photography
  • Selection and oversight of subcontractors
  • Regular updates on project tracker, schedule, and budget
  • Acquisition of necessary permits and approvals
  • Maintenance of site safety procedures

Four-step Construction Procedure

Construction management

Effective management is crucial for the success of any project 

At Decon Construction, we manage your project from start to finish, coordinating every detail with precision. Our project managers handle planning, organization, staffing, evaluation, direction, control, and leadership, ensuring adherence to scope, cost, quality, and schedule objectives. We foster partnerships with key stakeholders, facilitating clear communication and responsibility. Our commitment to excellence is fueled by design flexibility, innovation, expert project management, and team integrity, guaranteeing success in every project.

Efficient Project Management

Equipped with finalized designs and meticulously planned deliverables, we’re poised to embark on your project journey. With state-of-the-art technology, a reliable network of professionals and firms, and advanced predictive analytics at our disposal, your project is assuredly in capable hands. Our adept project management ensures a seamless and comprehensive oversight throughout all phases, enhancing the likelihood of adhering to predefined timelines and budgets. At Decor Constructor, our passion for our craft drives us to approach each project with a profound sense of ownership and dedication, striving relentlessly to deliver optimal value to our clients.

Work with a multi-trade construction company with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking implementation.

How are we different?

Decon Construction, an experienced Ontario-based company, handles projects of all sizes with exceptional customer service from start to finish. After discussing your needs, we handle planning, design, and coordination, providing professional project management and a single point of contact for your convenience.

“Hard hats and steel-toed boots: the real suit of the modern hero.”

— Gary “The Grader” Green

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