Presenting the Project 

Maximizing Business Expansion

Following expansion, it’s crucial for businesses to demonstrate to their customer base that they’re operating at full capacity. Whether it’s advertising a grand opening or showcasing a new renovation, creating excitement about your fresh design is paramount. Decon Construction offers essential materials to build anticipation just before you open your doors. Instead of investing time in hiring and coordinating photographers, you can rely on Decon to showcase the pride we take in our work and provide you with ideal advertising materials.

Four-step Construction Procedure

Presenting the project

Before and After Transformation: Captured with a DSLR Camera

Capturing every stage of the design process with high-resolution photography enables clear documentation for future maintenance and service technicians. This detailed record also meets the standards of insurance companies overseeing projects, expediting any claims process. Equipped with top-quality equipment, we offer marketing-grade photos for advertising various aspects of your new space.

Immersive Experience: 360° Photos and VR

Showcase your space effortlessly with our innovative solutions. Our 360° photography in stunning 4K resolution allows for easy advertising across social media platforms, while also simplifying reviews by covering entire rooms in a single shot. Through Matterport technology, we create virtual dollhouses of your project at each construction stage, facilitating collaboration and efficient space planning. Tailored VR clips offer versatility, from staff training to showcasing security levels. Experience the future of immersive walkthroughs with us.

Work with a multi-trade construction company with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking implementation.

How are we different?

Decon Construction, an experienced Ontario-based company, handles projects of all sizes with exceptional customer service from start to finish. After discussing your needs, we handle planning, design, and coordination, providing professional project management and a single point of contact for your convenience.

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

— Walt Disney

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